History of MCC

The history of McAuley Canoe Club (MCC) September 1981 to date

By Mr M Taylor


Kayaking was already established in both St Peter’s High School and Catherine McAuley Upper School when the present organiser of MCC, Mr M Taylor joined, at the time the schools amalgamated, to become The McAuley Catholic High School in September 1981.


Catherine McAuley had at least six Tiger, general purpose; and two Lindsay Williams (LW) slalom kayaks, all made by Mr A Johnson, who also manufactured the original canoe trailer. The trailer is still used to store sea kayaks in the school garage and has the occasional run out on the road, testimony to the build quality.All the original Kayaks have long since been scrapped but the paddles, Trilon, are still in existence but out of use.


These days the canoe club is extremely well equipped having a fleet of sea kayaks.

The sea kayaks are all designed and manufactured by Nigel Dennis they include all models of the Romany, a number of Explorers, a Pilgrim and a Pilgrim Expedition, plus two Triton doubles.  

The Tritons have not been used on an expedition for two years, however, things are about to change, in 2012, when two of the senior girls are planning to partner their younger sisters on the Shetland expedition using these.A report of the 2012 Shetland Expedition will appear in due course.

The club owns a set of open boats some of which are seen here at Four Mile Bridge; Anglesey.


Another recent acquisition  a fleet of Sit On Tops.


The last full set of boats is the pool boats, used every Friday evening 6 to 7:30 pm at Hall Cross swimming pool.After that we have a mishmash of old river boats that could be used on white water.


School also owns all the necessary sundry equipment; buoyancy aids; cagoules; helmets; paddles; spray decks and wetsuits.

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