Concert Schedule 2017/18

Weds 13th December 2017 Christmas Concert Lower School Theatre
(ALL groups involved)
Rehearsals during the day
Mon 18th December 2017 Advent Service St Peter in Chains RC Church, Chequer Road, Doncaster
(all choirs and Brass Group involved)
Rehearsals during the day
Wed 31st January 2018 Museum Concert
(using small Senior and 6th Form Groups)
Rehearsals during the day
Thurs 22nd February 2018 Spring Concert for Senior Groups and 6th Form Groups at St Paul’s RC Church, Cantley. 7.30pm
Rehearsals in afternoon and after school at St Paul’s
Wed 23rd May 2018 Junior Groups Concert. Lower School Theatre. 7.30pm Rehearsals during the day
Mon 9th July to Sun 15th July 2018 Senior Orchestra and Band Course leading to a final concert at 3pm on Sunday 16th July. Further details to follow. This will be open to Senior Orchestra and Senior Band players who have demonstrated reliable participation in rehearsals and concerts throughout the year. Invitation letters will be distributed after Christmas. Rehearsals daily throughout the week
The McAuley Catholic High School, Cantley, Cantley Lane, Doncaster, DN3 3QF
Tel: 01302 537396