In the last week we have been working on contingency plans should the Government decide to close schools.
Some of the preparations include the following;
Each department determining meaningful work for each Year Group with an extra focus on Y11 and Y13. This includes how students can maintain quick contact with their teachers.
Teachers will be available from 8.00am - 2.30pm Monday to Friday.
We will be purchasing a study skills booklet for every Y11 student.
All work accessed via EXL link on school website. Tutors will be reminding students how to use this.
We are checking that every student knows their login and staff email.
Advance print outs of supporting revision materials and extra print outs for other students who can’t easily access online support.
We will be able to let you know where each subject/class is in Y11 and Y13 regarding course completion.

At the moment the advice is that schools remain open and that we continue to prepare students for the GCSE's and A Level exams as normal.

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