Free School Meals vouchers have been ordered and e-codes sent to parents and carers  to convert into supermarket vouchers. These have been emailed out to all parents whose children qualify for FSM using the information that is on your child's school record. The vouchers are being emailed directly from the Government's Edenred Scheme and they will continue to be emailed to you on a weekly basis until Government guidelines change.

The school puts an order through for voucher codes to be delivered to you each Monday, however as the scheme is servicing in excess of 1.3 Million students, there are delays and we are advised that the vouchers may take up 5 days to drop in to your email account.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK EMAIL FOLDERS before contacting the school.  We urge you to redeem the e-codes immediately as these are only valid for approximately one month from receipt. When you have followed the instructions in your email and you have changed the codes into supermarket vouchers each retailer will have their own validity dates so please check your supermarket voucher carefully. 

IT IS CRUCIAL YOU UPDATE THE SCHOOL WITH CURRENT EMAIL/MOBILE number to ensure you are receiving not only the voucher codes, but also up to date information from school about the current situation. Again, please check your SPAM and/or any unused/old email addresses you think you may have on your child's record before contacting the school.

Tips for redeeming your ecodes:

  • Carefully read and follow the instructions in the emails/texts you receive from both Edenred and the school
  • Redeem your ecodes immediately or as soon as you can and within a month of receiving them
  • If you are able to, cut and paste the e code into the website to reduce typing errors 
  • Read the frequently asked questions on our website before contacting the school.  Please note since publication Aldi and McColl's have now joined the scheme.
  • As the websites are very busy choose an 'off peak' time to redeem your codes such as early morning or later on at night.
  • After following the above advice, please use our special email address if you need support.
  • To ensure the vouchers reach you when they should, we are submitting orders approximately 3 weeks in advance.  We can't change or cancel that order once submitted until the voucher codes are distributed. 
  • If you don't shop at one of the major supermarkets that the scheme offers, ask family, friends or neighbours if they can help.  If this is not possible you can contact Doncaster Community hub by phone on 01302 430300 or email   This hub also offers advice for access to food banks, money problems, support for parents and mental health and wellbeing support for vulnerable residents. Bassetlaw residents can access similar help by phone on 01909 533533 or email

If your circumstances have changed you may be able to apply for Free School Meals.  You can use the following link for further information on how to apply via the local council:



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